Saturday, December 01, 2007

First big snow...

We had one dusting already that the kids went out in, but today was the first "big"/real snow for them. Mostly they just stood there. Tom and I are less than excited about the turn to cold and snow, but we will suffer through this winter to get to the time of year we enjoy... everything other then sucky winter! haha

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  1. Too cute! Okay . . . how long does it take to get them both in snowsuits? Good for you for getting them out. :)

  2. Katie5:58 PM

    That is a great picture Laura! How do you get a pic of you all? Do you have a neighbor take it? We almost never get a family pic b/c one of us is always taking it. How much snow have the kids eaten??: )

  3. JB.. takes A WHILE to get the kids suited up. :) ha

    Katie, my mom and dad are here.. they took the photo. :)

  4. Super cute family pic in the snow! Did you hear that we had a dusting of snow in Seattle too? Bram didn't notice...but Baxter did! :)

  5. Awwww, they're so cute! We just bought a pair of little boots yesterday, and I have to knit some wool mittens because the stores are totally out of the size I need! But we're gearing up for a romp in the snow. Now if I can just teach the little guy how to walk in those big ol' boots...