Wednesday, December 05, 2007

How it all fits together.

I've recently found some old friends on facebook and it really got me remembering past experiences and thinking about how we are all a product of those experiences and the people that were involved in them. I even feel that looking back and remembering them - both the experiences and the people - allows for additional lessons on life.

It's amazing to me how we are so formed by these experiences. I contacted someone that I left on not great terms because I was looking for a mutual friend. I was almost surprised when he messaged me back... and saying that he didn't feel our parting was as awful as I was remembering it. Regardless of the horribleness of our separating - whether it was 'that' bad or not - I started thinking back to the time I spent w/ this friend and the fun we had. I also started thinking about the characteristics of him that I enjoyed so much (Like letting me off the hook for being an ass) and remembering what fun I had when we were hanging out. It also made me think about what a moron I was for treating him so badly... allowed me to see myself almost from above or outside of myself... to see how much I have changed and grown... to challenge myself to continue to change and grow... to be thankful for him for being so kind and fun and for being a part of the building of my current self. To be thankful for all of the wonderful people who have helped to form me.. to shape my experiences and challenge me to grow. It also gives me pause to think about how I might touch other people that I could help them grow. It's such an intricate web. Even the smallest thing that we say to people can make such an impact. Amazing.

How cool is Facebook... or myspace. To be able to make these connections. So all of you that are reading this and not on Facebook or Myspace.. get with it! ;)

And to take it to the next level and think about how my kids are their own people and will have their own experiences that will shape who they become! Little things I'll probably never know about that will make them the people they are! Fun, scary and amazing all at once.

Ok.. that's about as deep as I get these days...


  1. Wow . . . that's pretty deep. We've been having fun with Facebook too. It's really taken off. When I first created an account to see what my students were posting (and if would it hurt their job search)not one person from my gmail address book was a member. That's not the case now, and how fun to keep discovering people from the past! Thanks for the thought this morning . . .

  2. I always am amazed at how my own feelings around an event can influence my rememberance of it.

    Glad to hear people are forgiving. I guess I should get with the times and join one of thoses huh? I figured there is no one from my past (high school) that would care to contact me but maybe I'm wrong.

  3. I've really enjoyed it too.. Jennie, yes you should start a facebook account... I need more friends.. ha ha :)

  4. I have a facebook acct - but to be honest I really don't know what to do with it, and don't feel like I have time or energy to try and figure it out!