Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes

Today Jason said, "Butt crack itchy".. but itchy sounds more like aitchy.. like "I"-tchy instead of itchy - long I sound. Anyway - I need to carry my camera w/ me.

Tom taught him to say butt crack the other day b/c he (Jason not Tom) always has plumber's butt, and Jason had a dry patch on his back/hip. So tonight we were showing off Jason's sweet language skills for grandma and papa by having him say butt crack then I asked him if he was itchy so they could hear how he says it and he came up w/ butt crack itchy all by himself. We are PROUD parents!

The croups seem to have pretty much left the house. Jason is still a bit coughy, but he no longer sounds like a barking seal and his appetite is back so all is getting better. Now if those 4 molars (in both kids) would just finish their journey maybe the wee ones would be a bit less cranky! Mommy his trying really hard to keep it together. Jason and Lily are both whining A LOT and their nap schedule is all screwed up so I suspect they are rather tired. They had gone back to two naps while they were sick and are now trying to get back to one. They slept for a whopping ONE hour today. Calgon take me away!

We're happy to have Grandma and Papa back in the state and will be spending a lot of time getting reacquainted. :)

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving this week!


  1. That's funny! I guess you really have to watch what you say now! :)

    Happy Anniversary by the way!!

  2. Oh how funny!!! Yes, you must film that and put it up on the site so we can see too. :) It's hysterical how they copy us at this age. My little guy watches his daddy practice Tai Chi every day, and he does his own rather unique routine, moving veeery slooowly with the utmost concentration on his face. I'm loving this age!

  3. Too funny! Kids do say the darnest things! What a cute age - you must be having so much fun! Do the twins communicate to each other in their own language? My cousins twins did, it was really funny to watch. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Hope it was happy!