Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tired babies!!!

We got to Chicago and back w/o incident. The babies are getting so much older! This trip was a far cry from the trip to PA back when they were 3 months old and even the trip to TX at 9.5 months old. We made the trip to Chicago (about 3 hours) without stopping... well on the way back we had to stop for gas, but the babies stayed in the car. We had a little fussing here and there, but nothing like past trips. I had to drive them by myself so THANK GOD they were good! :) The worst part of the trip down was that I had to pee... it was raining... and I couldn't imagine stopping and getting two babies out in the rain so I just plowed forth w/ a VERY Full bladder. Thankfully there was parking right in front of Kelly's - I couldn't have carried babies and gear for blocks w/ my bladder so full.. Anyway!

We had a good time visiting the Bryants... though Jason and Lily had a tough time going down for naps and Jason didn't sleep so well the first night there. I think we may have scared poor 'ol Mikey into thinking babies are a bad idea at this juncture in life. Mike - they are MUCH better at home!! (here's a link to Kelly's post about our visit.) BTW Kelly, I'm NOT offended. :) All - in - all they did a decent job I thought. Kelly and I didn't get to go have girl time just w/ us, but we had a great time hanging out anyway.

Mike grilled up some fabulous burgers ( I had to have a bite b/c everyone was raving about them!) I ate a veggie burger.. which wasn't bad. ha ha

Jason and Lily have been crazy sleepers today. Poor Lily has a fever and is VERY clingy today - Jason has been relatively good about sharing HIS mommy w/ her. :) She seems to be coming out of it and I'm not sure what it was all about - she had no other symptoms.

After my trip to Kelly's I am in search of a good bread maker. We had fresh made bread while we were there... w/ a bread maker it is a piece of cake. Not only is it yummy and good for you it's good for the environment... no plastic bags!

Jason and John Michael right after Jason gave JM a love:
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the view from Kelly's:
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  1. Katie8:23 PM

    I'm glad y'all had such a good trip and the babies rode well! Isn't it amazing how much of a difference a few months makes? I'm sure everyone is exhausted but I know it is a good exhausted b/c you got to have fun with friends!! The pictures of JM and Jason are very cute (on Kelly's site too)! I'm sure everyone will sleep well tonight : ) Oh- did they (amd you) do well during the race??

  2. I'm glad everything went well. I was thinking about you and was going to call you as you drove, for support, but then I decided that it would probably be even harder to talk on the phone, drive AND deal with fussy babies!

    As far as the pee thing goes, you could always buy those space diapers like that crazy astronught wore when she went to stalk that other lady! hee hee

  3. Totally thought about the depends lady! ha ha Next time! :)

    Oh and Katie... we didn't do the ride b/c it was crappy out. We stayed up at Kelly's that night and just hung out that morning... and by morning I mean MORNING... as in we were up at 5:45am.. sorry JM, Kelly and Mike! :(

  4. Sounds like our house-- by the MORNING, I mean. We are up by 6:30 at the latest (and that is sleeping in!!) every day. Who would have ever thought you could think 6:30 was sleeping in? Oh how things change : )

    Sorry about the race but it sounds like you had more fun hanging out anyways!

  5. Hope you're all doing better today. John Michael is sitting in my lap and saw the pic of him and "Baby Jason". He wants to know where the babies are. :)
    Mike has now officially requested we never buy bread again. I made a white bread loaf for him. It is DEEE-licious!!!
    Hope to see you guys for baby b-day...