Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Great news!!!

Well, two pieces of great news.... 1. (and more important/exciting than 2.) my brother and sister in law, Andy and Karen, are expecting their third child! She announced it on her blog so I suppose it's okay for me to announce it here! They aren't finding out what it is... jerks! ... and she's due on mine and Jesus' bday! :) 2. I don't HATE swimming anymore. I had my third swim work out today and felt quite improved thanks to my coach Chris! :) I actually felt like I was swimming.. as opposed to just flailing around w/ hopes of making it to the other end of the pool w/o drowning. Granted I used either a pull float thing (don't even know what it's called, but it makes your legs float so you can focus on your arms) or swim fins (which are AWESOME.. now if I could just grow some big gigantic feet I'd be in good shape). Anyway... I'm feeling much better and hopefully won't dread going to my next work out. I've also been instructed to do some strength training b/c .. well my triceps are like noodles.

Told you #1 was more important/exciting than #2. :)


  1. thanks for the plug Laura! ;-)
    I am also glad swimming is going better for you. Before you know it you will be a lean, mean, swimming machine!

  2. Great news about Karen! I couldn't believe it when I read her blog!

    We called them "pull bouys" and "zoomers" when I was around the swimming scene. Maybe the names have changed. I'm glad you're noticing improvement! That's awesome!!

  3. Yippee! Keep it up! And congrats to Karen . . . she once again explores new territory (the family of five). Keep us posted. :)