Tuesday, May 01, 2007

1st swim... Check

Okay.. so I did it.. I showed up, wore my swim suit, goggles and cap and swam. Turns out there are two people on the tri team.. me and a guy that started training in January just to get back in shape and decided to set a goal... so well, he knows how to swim pretty well. We worked a lot on my stroke (or lack of) and I do feel like I have a clue now or at least know what I need to work on. (everything)... swimming is way harder than it looks for anyone that is wondering. It's pretty cerebral in the beginning.. not the put your shoes on and put one foot in front of the other of running. Sure there are things about running that you can do better and improve your time and endurance, but you won't drown b/c you don't know what you are doing. ha ha I feel annoyed by the fact that I have to breathe while swimming.. hello I'm TRYING to think and pay attention to my form! I go so slow that it pisses me off and makes me feel like I might just sink... but I'm working SO hard.. oh yeah, BREATHE! I think I got the length of the pool three times w/o stopping and using the breast stroke. I did use flippers for a while to help w/ my kicking (b/c when I tried to kick w/ a kick board I didn't go anywhere.. GEEZ!) and using the flippers I actually felt more comfortable and could work on my stroke... so I'll have to remember that for practicing, but going back to no flippers SUCKS ASS! ha

I know I'll get there and it will just take practice... and I didn't feel like a TOTAL dork. Gotta swim on my own on Sunday.. it's so involved.. drive to pool, change clothes, shower, submerge, swim, shower, change clothes, drive home, HANG wet stuff..... running: put on shoes, go outside.... so much easier! ha ha

Okay.. now I have to go parent.... I feel good having gotten that first swim out of the way. Oh, and I need some new goggles ... my 7 year old, never used old school goggles just fill up w/ water. Helps w/ my 'sweet' factor. I look super cool!


  1. Now you know why I chose diving over swimming!

    Good for you for getting out there. It will get easier. The time involved is frustrating though, I know. If you change into your suit before you go, it helps.

  2. Katie3:55 PM

    Congratulations on your first swim Laura! I'd be using flippers too- whew! Swimming is so fun but exhausting. It is definitely great exercise though! I did deep water aerobics when I was pregnant with Gracelyn and was a lifeguard way back when : ) I agree-- wear your swimsuit there under your clothes. That helps!

  3. well since the swimming part is the ONLY part of this adventure which I would have half a clue or desire to participate in, you can always call me for pointers. But here's one for starters.... with freestyle (that's the crawl stroke and will be the fastest and easiest one for you during the race) you have to find your own rhythym. I used to have songs... something a little up beat in my head that would just cycle through over and over and you count strokes and force yourself to breathe on that stroke. That way your body gets a steady stream of air. And,while breast stroke seems like it is easier (and you can make it easier), when you are actually trying to do anything for a time, it is much more difficult and the stroke and the breathing are harder to get down. But if you want to do that, I have a pointer for it too... Good luck. If someone made some charity race with just swimming, I swear I'd think about entering... :)

  4. Kelly5:09 PM

    YIPPEE LAURA!!!!!! You're on your way to realizing another goal. Go you!
    Keep blogging about your progress

  5. Sounds hard, but fulfilling. I agree that swimming is so difficult compared to running. Good for you for getting back out there!