Monday, May 21, 2007


Being a stay at home mom can be quite isolating! I miss the days of hanging out w/ my girlfriends non-stop and talking about anything and everything. Now I see my mom friends once a week and here and there in between. Sure I see Tom every day, but it's just not the same. I miss impromptu get togethers. I miss sleep overs! I miss sharing an apartment w/ a girlfriend and staying up way to late talking and drinking wine and then doing it all over again the next night. I miss meeting people for lunch. Damn... I just feel so alone sometimes. How can I feel so alone when I am w/ two people EVERY WAKING MOMENT of my life? OH right, they have little to say!

I certainly don't want to be all scheduled and have activities w/ the kids every day just to get my socializing on, but most days I wish I had something to do w/ someone. Today the kids and I walked over and did some errands and got a coffee and a muffin and walked to the park... while that was all well and good it would have been so much better to do w/ someone else... another adult .. that will talk back to me (I didn't walk around talking to myself.. don't worry) and that - most likely - won't whine and complain and cry intermittently throughout the entire excursion.

Well, I best go get the "non-talking, almost walking, a few word saying, whining when they want something, pooping in their pants (or on the carpet like yesterday), mommy wanting, cutest ever love bug's" dinner ready before they get up and want to eat pretty much immediately!!!

Sometimes I feel like I need a life.. ha ha I know, I know... I have a damn good life! :) ha ha

Oh, real quick... my swimming lesson this morning was like school for the gifted! I used BOTH a pull buoy (floating device you hold between your legs) and paddles (go on your hands) to do my 10x100 (that's 10 repeats of 100 yards - aka 4 laps - so um FORTY laps) this a.m.... it was hard to turn around w/ my flippers on my HANDS! ha ha Then I got to do my 10 x 50 w/ flippers (took off the paddles)... Next week I'm doing the water aerobics w/ the old ladies in the deep end. ha ha


  1. I'm so sorry you feel lonely! I wish we could hang out together. You need to move back. I miss you so much! Hang in there...remember, you can always call and we can 'hang out' on the phone! :)

  2. Katie7:49 AM

    I know exactly what you mean! I look forward to taking and picking up Gracelyn from preschool 3 mornings a week (which is now over) b/c that is my socializing time I can count on each week. Sounds sad but true. 15 minutes here- 15 minutes there makes a difference! SAHM is an isolating job even when the kids can talk b/c it is still not adult interaction. Most days we have to at least go somewhere b/c I have to see other people and at least soak in other adult energy : )I also miss the staying up at late as you want and just talking and hanging out too. It was great but what we have now is great too- just not in the same way : )
    * Oh-- I took the deep water aerobics class with the old ladies when I was pregnant with Gracelyn. I loved it esp. when I was pregnant b/c it took all the weight off! The old ladies will love you : )

  3. Know what I do? I spy on my neighbors, and when they're outside I take my baby out to conveniently get the mail. "Hmm, ooooh! I didn't see you there! Why, how are you dear neighbor? Yes, I'd love to come see what you've done in your garden lately!" Yes, it's pathetic, but it works like a charm. I'm a stay-at-home who works full time from a computer in the bedroom. Talk about no social interaction! (I think that's why I love blogging oh so much!)

  4. I gotta say.... number one... right at this oment, I'd trade you my job for isolation with 2 11 moth olds. Really.... putting offers out there. Will babysit for exchange of work to completion of my project!
    As for the swim, congrats. 40 laps is pretty good. Add another 22 or so and you get a mile! :) However... through all my many many years of swim practice... never did we wear flippers on our hands. I'm a lot confused about that one. Actually... flippers were pretty much entirely banned from practice as their function is to make your work load easier. And damn did we use the pull bouy, but that was to make your arms do more work... those were sore days..... Curious.

  5. Hooray for coming and visiting me next weekend, then!!!!! Fun social time and staying up drinking wine!!!

    It will come. When the babies are old enough to actively play with other kids it's easier to meet other adults and plan fun times. Mike and I are just now at the point where we have a social life. Not an exciting one, mind you!

  6. I know what you mean RE: changing position w/ me. I'm definitely happier now than I was when I was working....

    for all those that might be interested.. here are the hand paddles:

  7. Laura, The next time you're out and about in the neighborhood, please call me. I'm usually craving adult interaction myself. You're also welcome to come and hang out at our house anytime...seriously. Just give me a little warning:).


  8. Thanks Kristi... I really appreciate it... same to you!!! :) My house is now child proofed enough for your little ones too! :)

  9. What a popular topic! It just goes to show that sometimes being a stay at home mom isn't all it's cracked up to be - although i wouldn't trade my kids, I do long for those "apartment days" where i was just free to do whatever, stay up late, go out, not have to worry about naps, or did I bring a diaper, or enough snacks, or water, or whatever. It is good to get out but it's even better to meet a friend and chat while the kids play so you get that adult time, even if you just talk about your kids half the time! :-)
    BTW, congrats on all the training you are doing! You are going to be in such great shape I am totally jealous, while I just sit here and get fatter! ;-) I will have to sign up for a triathlon after this next baby comes to get back in shape.

  10. I agree with Jennie . . . let's "hang out" on the phone more. I miss you guys. Being a stay at home mom with two must be the hardest job in the world. You do such a great job!