Friday, May 25, 2007

First night alone.. then off it ChiTown

Well, Tom just pulled out of the driveway to head to Chicago for Bike the Drive and I'm flying solo tonight. Wow.. the kids are almost a year old and this is the first time I will be alone w/ them over night... and Tom travels quite a bit. Thank God for Grandma! Hopefully we will get through the day just fine and the babies will go to bed easily. The critical hours for me are around 4:30pm to bed time around 6 or 7pm... Hopefully I can keep it together without losing it on them. :)

I'm already packed and my stuff is layed out for my bike/run tomorrow. I need to get the rest of the CRAP LOAD of baby stuff together... diapers for 2 for 3 days, (UGH) snacks for three (me included) for the drive down, for the overnight in the hotel and for the weekend, toys, drinks (for three).... eek!

The second wish hope dream is that J/L will sleep for a good portion of the solo drive down to Chicago on Saturday. We are leaving here around 12:30pm which coordinates with their nap... so here's to hoping they will sleep for AT LEAST an hour in the car.

We're excited to see Kelly, Mike and John Michael while we're down there. Tom, J/L and I are staying in a hotel on Sat night then doing Bike the Drive on Sun a.m. and heading to Kelly and Mike's for the night and will play some on Monday then head back to MadCity!

I will be 'unplugged' while we are out of town.. not that I've really been updating too much lately. Hopefully I'll have some fun stories and pictures to share when we return...

by the way.. Jason has taken a total of SIX consecutive steps. Big man just might get his act together in the next 2.5 weeks and be walking on his first birthday. He's also STILL working on his FIRST tooth.. it may or may not make an appearance in the next couple of weeks. It's taking it's sweet time coming through.

Have a great memorial day weekend and we'll be giving you another shout out on Tuesday - ish.. I might need a day to recover. HA!


  1. Seriously, first night alone? Wow! Good luck, and heres to wishing them sleep while you are driving tomorrow. Are you all going to ride? Looks very cool. Have fun!

  2. Katie1:50 PM

    So is that time of night bad for everyone with kids?? That is our worst time too-- dinner, bath, bed. Whew-- if you can make it through that you can make it through anything : ) Have a great weekend! And good luck on your ride (the car and the bike one :) And have a great time with Kelly, Mike, and John Michael!! Big hugs to you all from us!!

  3. I'm sending good vibes for you right now for the night and the drive down. I'm scared to stay alone with one over night...Again, I don't know how you do it! You're awesome!!

  4. That's why it's taken me a YEAR to do it. :) I've called in the troops - aka Grandma - every other time Tom has gone out of town. :) It's so different (I HOPE) when they are a year old. :)