Thursday, October 19, 2006


I had a chiropractor appt yesterday and I took the kids w/ me. The doc asked how they were doing and how Jason's back arching was doing .. I told her not great. He still arches all the time. When we lay him down on his back, when we put him in the sling, when we try to make him sit up, when he's mad. (Notice the 4 month pic below.. Lily is sitting up so you can see her face and Jason is kind of arching back... he's like that in most of the weekly/monthly shots) She had just gotten back from a seminar about babies and explained a whole bunch of stuff to me that I won't even attempt to really repeat here... cranial bones, covering around your spine or brain and down your spine being tight. Basically he's all tense and tight and his cranial bones are out of alinment (I'm sure I spelled that wrong). I guess being all cramped in my tummy sharing space w/ his sister than having a c section birth and not going through the birth canal can cause problems w/ the alignment (okay I think that spelling is right) of the cranial bones and the spine. Anyway. She adjusted him yesterday and said he's really tight - for a baby - so we are going to take him in a couple times a week for the next couple of weeks. She said babies respond really quickly so we should start to see changes quickly. Hopefully this will help him settle down. Oh she also said the cranial bone that is out of wack houses the pituitary which controls your hormones (and can affect sleep) and then your hypothalamus which controls your hunger...

I'll let you know how things progress... hopefully we will have a charming little boy soon. Okay, sometimes he's charming as is, but when he acts like (Okay turns out maybe he's not acting) he's in pain it's horrible. Poor little man may really have some issues. :(


  1. Jennie10:38 AM

    Wow! That's great you got some answers! Those crainial bone sure control a lot of other stuff in your body. My nephew, Kai, fell back in his chair last year and hit his head. It knocked one of his crainial bones out of alignment and he had seizures because of it. Once they figured out what it was, the ND pressed it back in place and he hasn't had one seizure since!

  2. Laura--Grace sees a chiro for hip alignment issues that have really cleared up to where she's running "normally" again. Baby is going in his/her first few days to "unwind" from labor too. I saw a newborn go through it and it is just amazing so it's not only c-sec babies. Oh and we're in early labor here--going slow but def. progressing....:) Next few days!