Friday, October 27, 2006

One year later...

Tomorrow is our one year anniversary of finding out that we were pregnant! I won't have time to post tomorrow so I wanted to post today! I can't believe it's been a year... a year since I was staying at Lynda and Larry's, a year since I was sitting wondering all day every day if I was indeed going to be pregnant, did it work?, is this journey finally over/just beginning? A year ago this very moment I'm sure I was anxiety ridden and nervous about going in the next day for my blood test. I believe that the morning after I dropped off my blood sample I went and had coffee or hung out w/ Julie hoping to kill some time. Lynda and I headed to Fred Meyer to pick up some things for our trip out west... things like gloves, a hat and down coat. I think we picked up some shoes too.

While we were shopping Tom called and I remember looking at my phone and thinking ... "oh shit, I'm in Fred Meyer, is this really where I want to find out whether it worked or not? Crying if it didn't and elated if it did. Is this where I want this to happen? It's too soon to know isn't it, what does he want?" I decided to answer it and he said, "geez, when are they going to call already?" I said, "don't do that to me!!!!!!! it will probably be a couple hours!" We hung up and I kept shopping. 10 mins later he called and I thought, "what the hell does he want now??? He can't keep calling me all day." I answered and he had heard from the clinic. I couldn't believe it.. that was quick. And here I was... going to find out while I was standing in the middle of Fred Meyer of all places. I couldn't wait! Wow!!! Lynda and I both cried. In Fred Meyer. Then we couldn't decide if we should keep shopping (going about business as if I hadn't just gotten the biggest news of my life!!!) we decided to at least purchase the items we had in our cart and headed out. I got on the phone immediately to share the news w/ everyone that was waiting to hear!

God, A WHOLE year ago that was. I just can't believe it!

I'm not sure if it's the nostalgia of all of that, but just the other day I was kinda missing my preggo belly and the baby kicks.. not the freakishly large preggo belly... the about half way there preggo belly where I was still easily mobile and looking all cute and pregnant not all "oh shit she could have a baby any moment" pregnant (which lasted a good three months)!!! Don't worry (mom and dad) there are no babies coming.. ha ha I would die I think.

All this being said things w/ the babies have gotten so much better over the last couple of weeks. It's amazing how much they have changed in that short time. I'm so glad Tom wasn't on a trip these last couple weeks (though who knows what the upcoming weeks have to offer). They have started to reach out and grab things, Jason is practicing rolling front-to-back and back-to-front. He's only done front-to-back on his own a couple times, but it's coming. He's also really trying to get his knees under him... but that usually results in a face plant. Lily has become a smiling fool!!! And it just melts my heart every time. I've loved them from that day on Oct 28th when I found out I was preggo... and really thought they were both in there.. I talked to them both just in case... as to not hurt anyone's feelings by leaving them out! ha But now.. God now.. I feel like I love them even more.. just in the last couple of weeks. Must have to do w/ them giving so much back.

Jason has started to hold onto me when I hold him and they are both burrowing in and putting their heads on my shoulder. It's the sweetest thing.

For those I've talked to about how much we DID NOT like the 0-3 months... 4 months is pretty darn cool so far! There were times during the first 3 months where I felt overwhelmed and wondered if I had known what I now know if I would have just put one back, but now... now I know I WOULD definitely still put two back ... I love them so much.. w/ all my heart... every second of torture in the beginning is worth every smile I get today! NOW I get why people do this again!! I haven't totally forgotten the pain of the "fourth trimester", but I get why you would put yourself through it again... AGAIN, no more babies here! ha

Much love to everyone.. and again a big HUGE thanks to you for going through the long journey w/ me... and for continuing w/ me on my new journey as parent! Wow.. PARENT.. MOTHER... MOM!! I'm a MOM... so many days I thought I would never get to say those words.. Son, Daughter.... MOTHER! Brings tears to my eyes. I truly am blessed!


  1. Anonymous6:26 PM

    I am so thrilled for you that you get to be a mom to two such wonderful babies! I can't believe it has been a year either - and really, your journey has just begun!

  2. Jennie2:14 PM

    I remember that day! It's so great to hear all those lovely things you said. What a tough road you had and now you have your payoff in those two beautiful babies!

  3. I'm totally's amazing...every cry, every 2 am wake up, every laugh, every smile....every word..first steps..amazing.