Thursday, October 26, 2006

"Moby" - best I can do.

So I figured out how to use my "moby" (in quotes b/c it's not a true Moby brand) to front carry the babies so they can see.. kind of like a bjorne. I have L all tucked in for warmth in this pic. I had to take it myself in the mirror. By the time Tom got home last night the babies were READY for bed so no "playing" w/them. Tom reminds me they aren't toys. ha I used this carry to get J into the chiro while I carried L in her car seat. Was able to open the doors much easier than trying to wield both car seats. :) They are getting heavy. We were thinking about buying a bjorne (I have to return Julie's next month), but I'm good w/ this.. and it has the built in "blanket" ha. I'm working on learning other ways to use it. It's a bit cumbersome and you can't just "slip" the sleeping baby off like you can the sling.... anyway... better get the pic posted... babies waking .. gotta go.

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  1. Jennie12:58 PM

    How do they respond to not having their arms out? It looks comfy!

  2. Lily doesn't mind it, but I haven't tried w/ J... L doesn't use her arms as much as J does... and it's easy to move the fabric down so their arms are out.. i was just play w/ it and thought she looked so cute w/ just her head out. :) ha

  3. Anonymous1:34 PM

    don't buy a bjorn - try the ergo! They are so much more comfortable!
    And of course Lily looks super cute like that - like a little doll!