Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Two week well baby appointment.. HOLY SMOKES

We had our two week well baby appointment on Monday and HOLY SMOKES did these kids pack on the oz... :) Comes w/ nursing every two hours I guess.. though they seem to have slowed down today.

Jason went from 6lb1.5oz on Wed to 6lb12oz on Monday... and Lily from 4lb9.5oz to 5lb2oz.. they are gaining great and all looks great w/ them! Today is our first day home without daddy... we had a rough morning.. after a LONG night.. I had a baby on the boob from 8 am to 10:30am.. back and forth... and they've been peaceful ever since. i can't wait until they get the memo about night vs. day.. I'll go wake them when I'm done here and spend some time keeping them up.. then do it again in the evening and HOPE TO GOD it works. I wonder how Tom is coping at work today.. he didn't get too much sleep!

Yesterday we had two appointments - first my 10 day post op appt.. all is well and I've lost THIRTY lbs since delivery... so in about 12 days! Not a bad weight loss plan.. pop out two babies.. nurse non-stop.. drink tons of water.. and never have time to get to that pint of ice cream you've been trying to eat for the last week and a half! :) My incision looks good and I can now pick the babies up in their car seats and continue about life as a normal person.. though he said I should wait to resume and exercise routine (routine?? RIGHT!!) until my 6 week post partum check!

Then we had the babies 2 week appointment.. so the first appointment was at 11am and the second was at 2:45pm. We had some errands to run in between so Tom would stay in the car while I ran in. By the time the errands were done we decided to go to a coffee shop and relax while I nursed (yes, WITH the shields - in public) instead of rushing home to nurse then rushing back out again. Jason nursed at the coffee shop, but Lily was too sleepy. Amazingly it went well and no one screamed while we were there... much less screaming at the same time! ha ha We were out for a whole SIX hours and the babies did great.. of course life is a bit slower now.. we nursed for 40 mins at the OB appt after my appt.. then nursed for only 20 at the coffee shop b/c Lily wasn't intersted and then nursed again while we were having our Well Baby appointment.. so I am getting a good lesson in patience and won't be over scheduling my life anymore! :) ha

Okay.. off to enjoy my little bundles... they are growing so fast! I'll work on getting some new pics up soon!

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  1. Good job mamma! isn't it satisfying to know that your children are growing and thriving off of something your body is producing??? I always loved that I could nurish and nurture my babies like that.