Tuesday, June 13, 2006

6/13/06 36 weeks 5 days

To all MY fans... b/c I know today is my last day of being the admired one... starting tomorrow your fan club will transition to the two most beautiful babies in the world! :)

This time tomorrow I will be on the operating table and most likely my precious babies will be out breathing on their own (God willing). I just can't believe it! After all of this.. they will be here TOMORROW! AH!

Just wanted to say thank you to all of you for all of your support through this ENTIRE journey and for sharing the pregnancy w/ me as much as you can from a distance. Your support has meant so much to me and has helped me to remain calm through the whole ordeal - okay through the pregnancy.. I know I was inconsolable through the getting to the pregnancy part! ha!

My OB appt yesterday went just fine.... FINAL weight (only b/c I don't think I'll be weighed again) reached 198lbs.. just 2lbs shy of the BIG 200lbs.. I don't think even I could gain 2 lbs in 2 days.. but hey.. you never know! Tomorrow I should loose between 15 and 20 lbs.. Woo Hoo.. now the slippery (i hope) slope down to my prepregnancy weight.. though I'm sure I'll be too busy to notice! ha! Both babies are doing well, moving and practicing their breathing. Baby boy was moving just fine, but baby girl was either being lazy (like her mama) or was asleep so the tech had to jiggle the u/s wand on her to get her going -- I even drank some OJ before my appt to try to get them going. Oh well. They are moving just fine.. I can feel it! Baby boy is, of course, still breech / transverse! We'll have another quick u/s tomorrow a.m. before the surgery to confirm he is still that way before they start to prep me!

The hospital called to get a jump start on the paperwork to go over what to expect... AHH! they said b/c they are going to be younger than 37 weeks gestation (by one FREAKIN' day) they will have to do more tests on them.. great.. what did I do? They'll check their blood sugar every 4 hours and if it's ever below 40 (whatevers) they will recommend formula supplementation.. that lady said they will probably recommend it anyway b/c they are younger than 37 weeks gestation (HELLO.. it's ONE FREAKIN' day!) They also take them down to the nursery in their car seats to put them on an apnea monitor to make sure they breathe okay in them... b/c they are younger than 37 weeks gestation (by ONE FREAKIN' day) can you tell I'm bummed about this.. I guess I could flip it to the positive that I will know for sure they are AOkay when we walk out of there w/ them. So much for my natural birth.. nothing like going in the COMPLETE opposite direction.. oh well.. it's for the babies. It's just not about me anymore!

Oh, in our birthing class they told us that there is someone on staff there that can go down and check the installation of the bases in your car so we haven't even put them in the car yet... well the lady said they check the babies in the car seat, but not the bases so we should get that done today.. OOPS! Tom took the car to work today.,.. guess he'll be installing them tonight and maybe we'll get my mom and dad to cruise by the fire station w/ them while we're in the hospital.. or just do it on the way home on Saturday... oops. :)

Okay.. going to do some laundry .. make a moby wrap .. shop for nipples for my bottles (don't have as many as I thought I did) and probably pick up some snacks. Hopefully that will help kill the day.. I'll make mom go w/ me (since I have no car) and maybe I'll be able to talk her into going to Smoothie King for a Peanutbutter banana chocolate smoothy.. those suckers have about 700 calories, but shit I don't care! ha :) Besides I can't eat after midnight tonight and won't get food until dinner tomorrow.. better load up! ;)

I'll post as soon as I can on Saturday. I would say I'll be an over achiever and get down to the business center at the hospital to post pics for you guys, but COME ON.. 1) MAJOR SURGERY, 2) TWO NEW BABIES... sorry... the fans will have to wait patiently for a first glimpse at the newest additions to the Mount family! Anyone want to wager money to be the VERY first person to see them?? We can start the bidding at $1mil... We'll give some to a charity of our choosing! :)

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