Saturday, June 24, 2006

finally getting our groove on!

Last night was much better than the other night! :) I'm exhausted starting w/ thier first feeding, but was actually able to get some sleep last night.. YEAH! The babies fed well... still w/ the shields.. but that will take quite some time to drop I think. We have been able to do mostly nursing w/ the occasional bottle.

Tom goes back to work this upcoming Tuesday and I'm nervous about how this will affect our night time routine.. Tom won't be able to be up all hours of the night when he's got to get up and go to work. We are working on a plan for each of us to get a solid amount of shut eye each night. It will most likely involve me going to bed super early and Tom feeding them one feeding by bottle.. at this point we don't really know how much (oz. wise) that will be, but I guess we'll figure it out! :) I suppose all we need to know is that our babies are getting fed. I just don't want to screw with my milk supply and am dedicated to nursing them - MOSTLY.

We're still using disposable diapers because they are too tiny for their cloth diapers so I can't comment on how that whole thing is going.. I can say DAMN they go through a lot of diapers.. seems like every time we change them they poop again.. we haven't really been counting diapers (they recommend this to make sure they are getting enough milk) because they have SO many we know they are fine.

Okay ... someone's crying must go!

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