Tuesday, June 06, 2006

6/6/06 35 weeks 5 days

My OB appt yesterday was good. I had to have an ultrasound to check movement - which SUCKED! While they were looking for practice breathing patterns from the babies I had to lay on my back / side and couldn't move. UGH! The babies looked good and both are practicing breathing - you could actually see their diaphrams moving! Their heart rates are good. They are certainly running out of room in there - like I needed an ultrasound to tell me that! Ha!

I'm also doing just fine.. my weight is somewhere around 196lbs these days - they don't wait for the little needle to stop bouncing anymore so I'm never totally sure. I'm not sure if they are doing that to ease my mind or if it doesn't really matter at this point. So far they haven't moved the big weight to the 200 mark... so I'm happy. Though I think it would have been a bit amusing to have had that happen just once. ha

The big news is that we went ahead and scheduled a C section. The doc said that at this point there is no room for baby boy to change positions and because of the way he is if I went into labor and my water broke there is a high risk that other things could make their way out first w/ the gush of waters.. things like the cord or a foot. Cord prolapse can be a big problem b/c is cuts off the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the baby. If this was to happen it would put us in an emergency state and there's a good chance I would have to be put under general and I really don't want that b/c I want to be awake right after to be able to tend to the babies. Tom and I discussed it and decided that at this point it's not about me and my idea of what birth should be or my fear of having major abdominal surgery... it's about the health of the babies (and of me) so we decided to take the doctor's advice and just schedule it.

Drum roll please... mark your calendars the babies will arrive on June 14th at 10am - unless they are in there listening to all of this talk and saying to themselves, "Wait just ONE minute here.. we aren't even out and they are already bossing us around.. let's throw 'em a curve ball." Well, babies you officially have ONE WEEK to make the decision on your own.. you can either come when you are ready (in the next 7 days) or come when I say! (Jennie is that how love and logic works? haha)

We'll call you after the babies are here and we are out of the recovery room and in a regular room.. I'm not sure how long all of that takes, but should be early afternoon!

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