Monday, June 19, 2006

First Pediatric Appt and outing

We actually got our act together and got to our first appointment on time!!! AMAZING what teamwork can do.

The appt went really well. Lily is already .5 oz. over her birth weight and Jason has gained an oz. since being home. Thier little bit of jaundice is going away on it's own.. HOORAY.

Nursing is going well.. though I do feel kind of like a moo cow! It's hard to get two babies w/ different personalities on the same schedule, but we are trying. I'm just glad my milk has come in w/a vengence and we are certainly having no trouble feeding two babies. Nurse, pump, nap. haha We are still supplementing a bit, but are mostly able to use breast milk instead of formula.

Still so thankful that Grandma and Grandpa are here.. they have been so helpful.. keeping us fed and keeping our house from being a COMPLETE and TOTAL disaster.. they help w/ the babies too .. of course!

Grandpa and Jason
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Grandma and Jason
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Today we even got out of the house for a walk...

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We are still loving every minute of it! :)

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