Thursday, June 22, 2006

I can't believe they are only one week old!

So after talking to Lynda I felt I needed to clear some things up... this is HARD! haha I guess my last post made it sound like we've really got our poop in a group over here.. oh geez.. I mislead you.. these babies are seriously kicking our asses. :) We're still loving it though.

The transition to motherhood certainly hasn't been w/o tears.. most of them happy "oh my god I'm the luckiest woman ever" tears, but some frustrated most tired person on the planet tears! We're still working through the nursing thing.. which is my biggest source of stress. Things are getting better by the moment and we are staying close to our lactation consultant for help! And man do we need it. It's also nice to go visit her for the reassurance that we get that we are doing a good job.. the babies are gainig - albeit slowly - they are gaining. We were told they want to see about .5 to 1 oz. a day.. they are not there.. so we feed more.. WOW MORE.. REALLY??? You said feed MORE! Geez.. how much can these wee ones eat.. the answer is A TON! For those of you familiar w/ the 3 and 6 week growth spurts.. I think I have the 1 - 6 week growth spurt on my hands. They are trying to catch up apparently. We were able to get them to tandem nurse - PRAISE THE LORD - at the ped / lc on Wed. She had "my brest friend" pillow there and w/ help from the lc and Tom we got it done.. we stopped at baby depot on the way home and bought one of those suckers! Changed my 1.5 - 2 hour feeding frenzies at night to closer to an hour... so now I can sleep instead of the 1st baby wanting to eat again as soon as the 2nd baby stops! ha! So we are learning.. and as soon as we get things figured out a bit better I'm sure it will change! :) ha!

And guess what.. it's 10:15am and Tom and Jason are still in bed.. YIPPEE!!! Though Jason will need to be roused to eat soon! Turns out having them sleep for 3 hours straight - though it sounds good - is not so good.. they wake up DYING to eat and it's hard to calm them! We learn as we go around here!

Here are two cute pics of the scene in our bedroom these days.. sometimes they sleep in the co-sleeper.. usually after their second night feeding... but they get fussy a lot so they sleep w/ us! And hey, Tom initiated it. I think he 1) has trouble sleeping when they make noise and 2) worries about them.. so cute! :)

Daddy and Lily
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Mommy and Jason
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  1. Jennie6:35 PM

    Thank you for posting again!! I check this sucker a couple of times a day to see how things are with you guys! Those pictures are so cute! You have to save them in the baby books. Are you fake sleeping or did someone actually take those pictures while you were both sleeping?

  2. Oh so cute! I'm glad the four of you are loving it all. Sleep gets better--I remember those first few weeks/months/years he he! You all look beautiful! We have hit the 20 week mark here and kept the gender a surprise :)