Thursday, January 26, 2006

1/26/06 - 17 weeks - You are REALLY showing now!

The nausea happened two days in a row so I now have a bucket of cashews and a bottle of water by my bed. I can snack on them when I get up for my numerous potty breaks. This morning no nausea... it was great!

We took new photos today and Tom's response was, "Oh, you are really starting to show now." Translation: Damn girl that belly is getting HUGE! ha ha This statement came after he had just taken a photo of me with my shirt down... apparently he needed the CLOSE look at my belly to make the HUGE assessment! j/k He's very cute about the belly thing! He just tries to be careful not to use the words "large", "big" or "huge" when refering to anything to do with my body... because he's smart!

Here is the photo: (I also added it to the photo album if you want to compare to my last photo)
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