Friday, January 13, 2006

12/10/05 - 10 weeks 2 days

This has been my first week in Madison without Tom. I had a rough start. On Monday I was feeling fine and started worrying about the babies. I’ve heard so many horror stories about going back for your second ultrasound and finding out the babies stopped developing at 9 weeks… which coincidentally I was. Of course as soon as I start to worry and wish I had morning sickness it comes with a vengeance. On Tuesday I was mildly ill and had a – not too bad – headache. That night my headache was so bad that I couldn’t really sleep then when I woke up at 3am I had to practically crawl downstairs to get some cereal because I felt so hungry and sick. The worrying has already begun. I spent the last week trying to make myself get up and do something. Every time I thought about getting up and cleaning I felt a wave of nausea – psychosomatic? I did finally get out of the house yesterday for a walk and it was really nice. It was 12 degrees out and I’m glad I made myself get out. I had to shovel the driveway that morning and was already all suited up. I took Phoebe for a walk and she only made a block and a half before she was picking up her little frozen feet! Poor thing!

I bought my first pair of maternity pants yesterday. My belly is poking out and sitting in a regular pair of pants is getting too uncomfortable… the whole unbuttoning my pants in public is bound to backfire eventually. I bought some jeans and they are great! I also bought a pair of black pants and a shirt I can wear to the Christmas party at Tom’s office next week. It’s pretty cute – you can actually see my belly!

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