Thursday, January 19, 2006

1/19/06 - Darn It! - 16 weeks

I went to my OB appt today and the doc told me that their ultrasound tech was out. I told him I was bummed b/c I was hoping to find out the genders. He said, "Well, let's go see what we can see."

He put the ultrasound on my belly and saw TWO VERY ACTIVE babies! He said, "wow those babies are active, good luck with that!" ha ha Though I can't feel them moving around in there just yet I bet it's only a matter of time until they are keeping me up nights!

He gave it a valiant evfort, but just couldn't get the money shot. At one point during a side view of baby B (I think it was B) we thought we saw a boy part. The doc said he couldn't be 100% sure. I was surpisingly relieved to see at least one penis.

So there you have it.. there MIGHT be a boy in there.. and there might not. My next appt will be my Level II ultrasound where they do an indepth look at each baby measuring everything and looking for kidney function etc. We should be able to find out at that appt. I have to wait until tomorrow to schedule it - I go to a different place for that one.

Anyway here is my 16 week belly shot.

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