Tuesday, January 24, 2006

1/24/06 - 16 weeks 5 days

The nausea gets me when I think I'm getting past it. This morning I woke up and while I was in the bathroom it hit hard.. I had to eat and I had to eat NOW! I don't think I ate enough last night. I had to crawl around the kitchen getting a bowl and cereal boxes and milk from the fridge. I ate the first couple of bites while I was sitting on the floor until I could get up and add my banana then go about my merry way.. oh speaking of I need to go take my vitamins.. no way was I doing that this a.m. I'm feeling much better now!

I think I started to feel the babies last night. I'm still not sure. I feel a bubbling sensation, but it's much lower in my pelvis than I thought it would be. Last night I felt it mostly after I uncrossed my legs so I thought maybe I was cutting off blood supply and would feel the blood returning when I uncrossed my legs. So I've been much more conscious and haven't been crossing my legs. I've been feeling it a lot today. It only lasts a couple of seconds - maybe the babies turning around - I'm not sure. I guess I'll have to wait it out to see what develops.

My friend Suzanne gave me a changing pad and it got dropped in the dining room when I got home. Earlier today I was on the computer and heard something crunching around. I looked up to see Phoebe doing circles on the pad to make herself comfortable. She plopped down and lay there for a while... she either thinks it's for her or she just wanted to lay by the heating vent in the same room as me... here's a pic of her saying "WHAT? You're the one that put it on the floor!" haha

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