Friday, January 13, 2006

1/3/06 - 13 weeks 5 days

We went down to Houston to see my parents for Christmas and New Years. Though I wouldn’t want to live in Houston because of it’s size and the expanse and sprawl of it, it was fantastic to be down there in the winter. The weather was in the 70s/80s the entire time and the sun was always shining. It was great to see mom and dad and to spend time with Aunt Susan, Tom (Susan’s Tom), Aunt Cheryl, Amanda and Stephanie. I really didn’t want to come home. I missed Phoebe, but dreaded the weather and the dry heat. I wasn’t dried out once in Houston. I thought this whole time that my headaches were pregnancy related, but I think they are more dry heat related than anything else. L

They surprised me with a 30th Birthday party. I had asked Tom is we were going to have cake for my birthday and he said he didn’t think we were doing anything special. I thought we would probably do something … like maybe go to dinner and a movie. We arrived in Houston on December 24th and as soon as I got off the plane all I could think about was eating dinner. I asked if there was a good place to get fajitas and mom said she had fixed something for us to eat at home – that should have tipped me off – ha ha. We got to the house and Tully was all squeaky and excited to see me that I spent some time in the kitchen fussing over him. Dad walked into the living room and said, “Come look at this room.” I thought he was just starting “the tour” so I went in with my head up looking at the vaulted ceiling. I looked down and saw a table full of food – still didn’t think much – then I looked over to see what dad was doing and Aunt Susan, Tom, Aunt Cheryl, Amanda and Stephanie were standing there and said surprise. Ha ha … they got me! We sat and had a nice meal and some GREAT cake. Mom and dad gave me a shopping spree for maternity clothes and Tom gave me some Godiva chocolates – later he gave me a pair of diamond earrings and said he didn’t want to make me feel uncomfortable in front of everyone. J It was so nice to have my birthday honored right around Christmas and to sit around and catch up with everyone with some good food.

Everyone came over again for Christmas the next night and we all played Trivial Pursuit – The mom’s were the “AARP” team, the girls were the “dumbasses”, and the Tom’s were, well “the Tom’s”. As expected the Tom’s cleaned house and the Dumbasses didn’t know many answers. Come on the thing was made in 1981. Stephanie was born that year. Cheryl made a beautiful baby quilt – she said she made it before she knew it was twins and she would make a new one before they were born. It was so sweet. She also crocheted a baby blanket for me when I was born – mom is going to bring that one with her when she comes out for the summer.

We spent the week taking it easy and seeing the sites in Houston... we ate some great meals out – much better than the food in Madison – we did our Maternity shopping and Tom and I had to buy a luggage set – which we needed – to get everything home. We went to Kemah – a boardwalk – one day and Stephanie joined us because Amanda and her mom are both working and she’s off from school. It was nice to get out and see some water again – I miss Seattle.

It was the first trip I can remember with my parents where I didn’t once get annoyed with either one of them. I’m not sure if it’s easier for me to spend time in their space instead of having them in my space or if I’m just getting older. We had a lot of fun and remarked that this was the last “calm” holiday we would have in a while. Next year shouldn’t be too bad… crying babies, feeding and changing diapers, but the next Christmas at 1.5 years… we’ll have our hands full.

This is my second full day back in Wisconsin and I’m struggling. I’m trying really hard to stay positive. I woke up with my usual dry eyes, dry mouth, dry nose and headache. I hate that feeling. I’m extremely bored and really need to meet some people before I loose my mind. There are tons of things I could be doing around the house – I really want to paint, but I know I shouldn’t. I lack the motivation to start trying to figure out how to do some crafty things around here. I was going to ask mom to come and visit while Tom is in Asia – again – in a couple of weeks, but didn’t want to ask her to come and endure the winter she just escaped from. Maybe she can come up for a different one of Tom’s trips.

Tom goes to Asia January 15th and I’m not sure if this will be a one or two week trip – then he goes to California in February and back to Asia in March for two weeks – It’s even worse for me when he’s gone. I try not to get bitter – he moves me here to the frozen tundra then he’s gone for most of it. It’s going to be worse when the kids are here. I’m getting out of dodge in February to go to SC for about 5 days then to Seattle for at least a week in March – maybe two – we’ll see.

I’m still feeling REALLY hungry all the time. I know it’s a good thing, but food rules my life! Ha ha Those little ones are growing like weeds in there – they’ll go from about 1.5 inches to four inches by January 19th. I can’t wait to see them again. The doctor said we will try to find out the gender. I am excited to find out what they are! I also can’t wait to start to feel them move – signs of life! I’m showing a bit more and am wearing maternity clothes exclusively. I tried to put on a regular top while I was in Houston and I looked like a stuffed sausage. Along with clothes I had to buy new bras – again. This time I bought maternity bras and I am much more comfortable.

I’m going to go for a walk today – it’s in the 30s today so I better take advantage of the “warm” weather while I have it!

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