Friday, January 20, 2006

1/20/05 - 16 weeks 1day

Okay I called and made my appointment for my Level II ultrasound. Much to my disappointment they wait until you are 20 weeks - or close anyway. I scheduled it for Feb. 15th - another month. Darn it! Those little rascals.

I'm excited to know they are moving so much and now when I lay down I try to be real still and quiet and just feel for them to see if maybe I can feel it, but don't recognize it. So far nothing out of the ordinary. Maybe they are causing my upset stomach! ha ha A motion sickness feeling from all that rocking around perhaps? ha ha probably not!

So far an uneventful pregnancy - which is great!!! - I always feel so lame during the part of my OB appointments where I talk to the doctor because so far I really don't have any questions and aside from measuring 24 weeks when I'm only 16 weeks there is nothing out of the ordinary. :) Though that's not really out of the ordinary with twins! ha ha

I suppose I can just keep praying that my pregnancy continues to be this "uneventful" for the rest of the term! We talked more about Csection vs. vaginal delivery and he said a twin pregnancy has a 50% chance of Csection... going beyond just how the babies are positioned. He said that when the uterus gets stretched out that much it doesn't work as effectively to push the babies out. It essentially looses some of it's strength. Despite that I'm still hoping for a vaginal birth... time will tell.

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