Sunday, January 06, 2008

good times..

Gosh... I don't have a lot to say, but here are some photos to make up for my lack of words.

Super babies:


Lily's favorite activity lately. This photo reminds me of photos I've seen of myself
- I loved to color.

Jason really prefers to organize and reorganize the crayons than he does to color. ;) He's mr. safety/things in their place. When we wake up in the morning the first thing he does is run to the kitchen point to the bathroom door and say "uh oh" b/c it's open over the night so Phoebe can get to her water, next is the dog door "uh oh" to remind us to close it. If we aren't right behind him to close it he will come running out of the kitchen w/ the door saying "uh oh" or "help". It beats him going OUT the dog door, but hey, the kid is smart... it's cold out there. I bet he'll go back to crawling out of it when the weather is better! When we get home from being out he immediately races over to the basement door, not so he can escape into the no mans land of our basement, but so he can slam the door shut tight! :) Good for me! ;)

I'm trying to quickly acclimate to my new training schedule. This weeks was just okay.. I missed a couple of work outs (shh, don't tell Andy, though I'm betting he's missed a few too). Tom and I hit an hour long cycling class today (Yes, Kelly more stationary cycling in a room full of people where no one goes anywhere!) and it was hard! :) I've got some work to do!

I also had my mentor meeting for Team in Training this weekend and am excited to meet my team (won't be until April) and get started w/ some out door workouts and fundraising.

We are awaiting the beginning of our house remodel as well. Hopefully this week, but our contractor is snowed in on his family vacation in CO so it might be next week. We apparently have 2.5 weeks after start date until they cut into the roof and tear out our bathroom. At that point we will all be staying at mom and dad's condo. Thank God for that place or we would have some cranky (no naps) babies and some smelly adults!

Okay.. I had a few things to say.


  1. Well I hope you and Tom got nowhere fast! ha ha ha!

    Cute pics though. It's so much fun seeing their personalities develop.

  2. I am so impressed that you are getting your life back and it's not all about the babies anymore. I can't wait until that day!

    I didn't know you were remodeling! How exciting!

    What TNT are you doing? That's awesome!