Wednesday, January 30, 2008

-25 with wind chill! WTF!?

Awesome midwest weather! It was about 40 in the car when I left yesterday morning. My car registered -6 this a.m. WHAT!? I just heard on the news that it was actually -8 and -25 with wind chill this a.m. Holy Crap that is COLD!!! Things were melting like crazy yesterday so I can only imagine the ice rink underneath the 1 inch of snow we got last night.

As Tom and I were bemoaning the freezing temps outside we heard the people on the Today show say something about how marriages are better the colder it is outside. Tom and I about laughed out loud. They clearly did not include Tom and I in any such study. It's not that I love Tom any less, but I am certainly much crankier and a whole hell of a lot less lovable in the cold cold cold times. I guess the theory is that in the colder darker months you hole up together and What? cuddle? Ha ha How about putting on almost every piece of clothing you own and huddling up in a damn mummy bag while bitching b/c you can't even go outside w/o gloves on or your fingers will immediately freeze and fall off!? Okay, maybe that's just us!

I had a great workout yesterday. Finally figured out the whole swimming while kicking thing! NICE! Followed by a good 30 minute run.. today.. not so great. I was pretty tired yesterday and we had a maxed out emotionally day. Jason was hitting the wall and we were all pretty unhappy. ugh! I hate being stuck in this house. I long for the days when I can throw babies in the stroller and head to the park when we get too cooped up!

Anyway... enough of my whining about the weather.. I'm going to go have some chocolate. Anyone want to come over and drink coffee and watch TV all day while the kids wreck the joint?


  1. I SO wish we lived in the same town. I too am sick of being in the same house not doing anything. We go to the grocery store just to look around!

    Bundle up and stay warm!

  2. Kelly3:41 PM

    Yeah, that was a "fun" change in weather. It was 48 one day and -30 the next down here. HUGE change. get insulation. You'll be so much happier - even my house is having a hard time staying warm today.

    Have fun... we miss you!

  3. karen p5:55 PM

    I do! I want to come over and drink coffee and watch the kids destroy things!

    good for you on the swim - getting the kicking down...just don't kick too much during race day so you can save your legs for the other two....