Sunday, July 16, 2006

We went out to eat!

Sorry I've been MIA for so long.. they've been giving us a go of it.. meaning we're getting very little sleep b/c the kids are just not cooperating at night! For the most part they are great during the day (w/ the exception of one hellish day last week).. even though they are nursing about every hour the second half of the day... when we TRY to go to bed all hell breaks loose and they (particularly Lily) act like they haven't eaten in a week. We're up all hours of the night feeding and consoling.

I'm worried about Lily's nursing future. She's gotten really lazy when she nurses, falls asleep and as soon as I put her down she screams and wants back on... nurses weakly for about 5 mins and repeats it... especially at night.. it's about killing me! I gave her a bottle the other night.. she pounded 2 oz.. I got more... she killed 2 more oz... Tom fed her more and she ate between 1 and 2 ozs of breast milk mixed w/ formula... this is all consecutively not throughout the night! Damn am I starving the kid or what!? This is all after she had been at the breast - off and on - for an hour or so. I'm worried that my supply will dwindle and won't be able to keep up with two babies.

We all - mom, dad, lynda, larry, jason, lily, tom and i - went out to lunch/dinner yesterday! First time in a restaurant w/ the wee ones. It went pretty well. There was a bit of screaming from Jason as I got him settled. He wouldn't take the breast so I had to bust out my prosthetic nipple (what I call the breast shield) and he nursed as I ate. Lily woke up shortly after that and Tom gave her a bottle of formula. It breaks my heart that Lily is getting so much formula lately, but the kid's gotta eat right? UGH!

I'm hoping we pull through this and she ends up nursing more soon! Jason is slowly weaning off the shield.. I can't wait. He even took the bare nipple in the side lying position last night. I'm so jealous of you ladies w/ one baby that can side lie feed at night.. I can obviously do one at a time.. but then the other would be screaming bloody murder. Last night Tom was up w/ a fussy Lily so I just nursed Jason.. it was heavenly. I just went to sleep and let him eat as much as he wanted!

It's been great to have Lynda and Larry here.. I can't believe that they are heading home today... they just got here. We got out for a walk every day and Larry got to see the neighborhood. We've taken to calling him the baby whisperer b/c he can put them to sleep when they are cranky!

Well I just wanted to let you know we are still here and alive - barely. Yesterday I looked at my watch and to my surprise it was already 5pm. I was about to say to Tom, "well at least we get to go to bed soon." ... then I realized I don't really like the night time as much as I like the day time.. b/c all I want to do is sleep and two little people won't let me! If I could just stay awake for 3 months I think I would.

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  1. Just checking in to see how the kiddos and you guys are doing! They are just too cute!! :) Glad you are geting out to enjoy the beautiful summer! I miss that walk to the custard stand :) Almost 6 months here and feeling huge though we're going to try to attempt a short bike ride with the trailer this afternoon. Glad all is going so well with you four!! xo, Katherine, Doug and Grace