Saturday, July 22, 2006

I've arrived!

So what makes you arrive more as a mom... actually having the kids or getting the minivan... after trying to get all loaded into the Subaru in a terrential downpour (which we have frequently in the midwest) we decided it was time to take plunge and get a minivan. Okay, so Tom has ALWAYS wanted a van!

We got a Toyota Sienna.. picked it up today. It's AWESOME (shh don't tell anyone I said that!) I feel a new sense of freedom.. I know we could get our whole family and acutraments (including the willis) loaded in one vehicle and go somewhere.. Along w/ being able to get the Grents in the car w/ the famdamily!

Here we are at the dealership..
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And it looks like Jason and Lily like it too... they show their appreciation by sleeping!

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So stop laughing.. my driving a minivan is not THAT funny!

Thankfully dad was in need (well next summer) of a vehicle.. so in reality he purchased the minivan for Tom and I in exchange for the subaru... we are still a one car family! :)


  1. it's pretty damn funny! ;-)

  2. Jennie12:44 AM

    Sweet...Now please don't start wearing printed sweatshirts and wear scrunchies in your hair again! hee hee

    It looks nice in all seriousness. I love the Sienna. All the moms I know have them. Lots of room and doors that open by themselves! Congrats!

  3. Anonymous11:54 AM