Saturday, July 08, 2006

I ran a little.. a VERY little!

I've been getting out for walks pretty consistantly now w/ my mom and went by myself today - well w/ the babies - and decided to try running a bit just to see what it felt like.

There have been many changes in my body for sure and it was slow going, but felt great! The biggest thing (no pun intended) I noticed was the change in my boobs.. damn! Kudos to all you large breasted runners out there! I'll definitely need to invest in some more supportive bras.. I don't think I could even get my old sports bras on! It didn't hurt for the short bit I ran, but I could see how it would after a while!

I only ran for short spurts, but I hope to be back to running 3 miles before the big chill hits.. then we'll see what happens.. I will have to get more creative about getting out.. depending on how well I can bundle them! :)

Okay.. Jason is fussy... gotta go!


  1. yay, good for you!! That's more running than I have been doing! :-)

  2. Julie9:45 PM

    Yes . . . get some great bras! I remember my first run after Cooper was born well. I made note not to run again until I got some new ones. Pick out ones you like and jump up and down in the dressing room to try them out. :)