Monday, July 31, 2006

OMG they are napping!

Oh my.. they are napping.. and I'M NOT HOLDING THEM... NO ONE IS!!! Lily is in the pack n play and Jason is in the bouncy seat! I'm thrilled!!! :) This is the FIRST time this has happened!!!!

Here are some pics from this a.m....

Lily striking a pose:
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Jason being cool:
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Gotta go get ready our errands today.. Jman has a chiro appt and I've got to hit the post office.. mommy's dressed and ready! It's supposed to be 99 degrees today (not including the humidity/heat index) so you NWerners who think it's hot GET OVER IT! haha

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  1. Jennie3:04 PM

    Congrats! Now stop talking about it or you'll jinx yourself!!