Tuesday, July 25, 2006

This shit is HARD!

Damn... being a mom is hard work! ha ha this morning both babies were screaming thier heads off for apparently no reason;.. I am forced to choose which one to hold... just breaks my heart! Pacifying two is tough. i can't just throw my baby in a sling and walk around... They don't both fit in one... not that I've been able to manage anyway! They hate to be in there together.. and one has it's head out.. w/o head control.. and they are both still screaming;... so it kind of defeats the purpose. All I can do when they both cry is nurse them.. which I guess works.. but parks my ass on the couch for the millionth time that day.. I guess what else do I have to do right?

What on earth will I do when my "staff" leaves? Who will do the laundry and cook and clean and get me snacks when I'm parked on the couch. I had a hard enough time getting downstairs so I could get some breakfast before my mom got here.. and even so she walked in to Jason screaming bloody murder while I had Lily in the sling and attempted to make some oatmeal.. as we speak right now Lily is in a sling and mom is shampooing a carpet w/ Jason in the Bjorne... what if I was alone. Hopefully they will be on a bit of a schedule by the time they are 3 months and I'll be able to keep up with everything else while they nap... TO ALL THE MOMS OUT THERE: When do I start working on a nap schedule?? Shit I just need to get them to the point where they don't ALWAYS want to be held before my mom leaves or I'm in deep shit. I can't imagine how frazzled I'll be by the time Tom gets home from work if I don't get that worked out.. guess I'll be walking w/ them outside a lot.. hmm that will last until around mid/late November.. then I'm screwed... hopefully those snow suits I have are as warm as they look!

I'm trying really hard to relish the current moments and not sit and here and day dream about milestones to come.. things will get easier and harder all at the same time.. at least the stuff on my fridge stays put (referring to Karen's trials).

Well.. here's a cute pic of Jason sitting up in the sling.. he doesn't like to lay down in it anymore.. he arches his back and screams, but this worked last night...(just look at Jason.. I'm looking not so great.. haha)

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  1. nap schedule...well, I hate to say it but Liam didn't have one until at least 5 months, and Riley was probably later...however, I think with twins it is different - there might be more imposing a schedule on them rather than letting them sort of fall into it, like I did. Personally I have never had much sucess being too scheduled...
    It does get easier though!!! When they start to be able to entertain themselves for a minute(sometime after 3 months...)

  2. Jennie7:58 PM

    I'm so sorry! I wish I could be of some help. I don't have experience or words of wisdom for you. I'm not even close enough to give you a hug! Damn.

    Hang in there. I've heard it will get easier. At least the immediate things like crying and feeding.

    If I were you, I'd hire a house cleaner so at least you don't have to worry about that! Maybe some of those college students near you would want to babysit for a couple hours a week so you can get some alone time...

    Wish I could be of more help!!