Monday, January 25, 2010

If you want a new suit check THIS OUT!

How cool is this suit!? I just love it, but I bet this won't be the one I get!

I found a link to Splish Suits on Run Faster Mommy! and discovered they were having a grab bag sale! $20 for a polyester suit!!! So I rolled the dice and ordered two! One one piece and one two piece. I'll post what I get. Hopefully they are cute!!!!

Just wanted to share this opportunity. I've never used a Splish suit, but all things I read were good! So if you need a little motivation to get in the pool check it out. A new suit always helps me. Okay I've only ever purchased two suits... which is why I need another. One of my suits really needs to be retired!!

Last week before Miami. I'm trying really hard to visualize myself qualifying for Boston. Running through any pain and flying to that finish line with a big smile on my face. Unfortunately so far mostly I've just had bad dreams about not being able to get the job done. Hopefully that's not a premonition.

I am really READY to go to Miami and get some sun shine and girl time. This momma needs a break!

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  1. Let me know what you get and how it fit : ) I really like that suit also and might just buy it sometime !