Tuesday, January 05, 2010

5 more miles on the dreadmill

Did another treadmill run today. Only 5 miles, but damn it was hard. Why did I think lifting heavy on the legs on Sunday was a good idea? I was thinking..wow my legs feel really good. I need to get a weight set in on them this week so I should do it now and they should be all good by the weekend. Guess I should have done lighter weights. They did NOT want to run today, but I made them. After the first mile I was fine.. warmed up, but still had to force myself to slug out the 5 miles. Done... now 8x800 on the treadmill tomorrow. Good times. That will hurt more I bet!

Looking forward to a glorious day off on Thursday!

My friend Ridge mentioned that she doesn't sleep well during IM training... well I can understand that well. After my big day yesterday I didn't sleep well at all. Hopefully tonight will be different.

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