Thursday, January 14, 2010


Thanks TriMommy for tagging me to make a list of 10 things that make me happy. You must have known I needed to focus on that today!

1. My kids telling me they love me - randomly and w/o prompting
2. Freedom (via my husband) to go out and work out or go out w/ my friends
3. A good drenching hard workout
4. The resulting hunger from said workout
5. My morning americano - also provided by my husband EVERY Morning!
6. My iPhone.. yes, love that thing!
7. Silence.
8. email - I love getting email.
9. a hot shower. Long, hot and uninterrupted.
10. Did I already mention a good cup of coffee. Love a nice bold cup of coffee.

Let's keep it simple!

Now I'm supposed to tag 10 blog friends to do the same:
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On that note I have been re-evaluating my goals for 2010 and I think I'm going to dumb it down a bit. I've loved this marathon training, but I'm not ready to continue this level through out the year. I've decided to do shorter tris instead of going for the half ironman distance this year. I want to keep it simple. I'm going to be starting a masters program and I'm not sure what kind of time commitment (stress) that will add and I don't want to overload the family. My job fist and foremost is to keep this house going and give my kids my best. i have the rest of my life to do 70.3s and Ironman races... after I'm done w/ school and the kids are in school.

I know after this training session that I can get a butt kicking workout in a short amount of time. Before I always felt like the shorter runs were beneficial, but I did like them as much as the longer ones because I didn't feel like I had really pushed it... well, I hadn't. Now I know I can get that 'worked over' feeling w/ a lesser time commitment. So this year I will try to get faster at shorter distances... until fall when I'll be running the Portland Marathon w/ some friends.... Jennie, Julie, Karen.. Karen P?

I'm feeling a bit better after an extra day off and am looking forward to a short run (12miles) outside tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks for posting your list, Laura!! It sounds like our happy spots have a lot in common!

    I think it is a good call on the longer distances...they aren't going anywhere!! Have a great weekend.