Saturday, August 30, 2008

The potty training run down.


So this a.m. went great! As well as I could have expected! Lily was dry all morning ... Jason wet himself a couple of times, but every time he did he knew he was supposed to go in the potty. The kids didn't really love going to the potty every 20 mins, but they peed most times they went. Jason caught himself mid-pee poop and did the majority of his morning poop on the potty. I was amazed and very excited/encouraged. I did notice that the kids wouldn't take any fluids. Do you think they get the drink/pee connection at this age????? Lily did poop in her pants, but I pretty much expect them to do that for a couple of days or more before they figure it out.

They then took nice long naps and Jason was dry when he woke up. (after about 2.5 hours) He then peed on the potty... they had juice after they woke up and proceeded to wet themselves the rest of the day. Guess I need to move it to every 15 mins after they drink like that. I had near misses w/ both kids for their afternoon poops. Or rather near hits... we just missed it and they both pooped in their pants.

All in all I feel pretty good about how today went. No one got mad... though there was some kicking and screaming on the way to the potty when they had to come inside to do it... but they came, hey calmed down and they peed. :)

I'm beyond happy to be diaper free and plan to power through and not go back. They are in cloth diapers tonight so we'll see if they hold all the pee. It could be a while before they get the nighttime thing done.. they are both hooked on water at bedtime and Jason guzzles it... he's just too busy to drink during the day! :)

Today when Lily woke up from her nap I had painted my toenails and she wanted red toenails too so I painted her nails..then she wanted her finger nails painted. I have NEVER seen her sit so still. :) She talked about it all day and was VERY excited to show them to Jason when he woke up. He didn't share her enthusiasm. I was sure he would want them too!

So Lily is a big girl times 2 today... big girl undies and big girl nails. :) Surely she'll be requesting her own credit card soon. She did steal Tom's at dinner last night and wouldn't return it.



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  1. Oh man, I better take notes on this...

    I can't believe you are going through this alone! You're brave!