Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Each day brings a new twist..

I was awoken by Tom's painful moaning. He was in such excruciating pain he could barely stand up. Off to the ER we went. After three hours in the ER, a CT Scan ruling out kidney problems and two injections of pain medications barely relieving pain we decided that Tom should be admitted. We were told in the ER that Tom most likely had a herniated disk and the PA said she felt a hernia, but the CT scan didn't show one... ??

It took 6 hours after being admitted to the hospital to see the doc come back from looking at the CT scan and stating the same thing - regarding the herniated disk - as the ER staff. The doc then said they are going to do an MRI.... that was about 5.5 hours ago now... and still no MRI.

Hopefully Tom will get out of there w/o needing surgery. We'll see. The pain was BAD... the only thing that allowed him even a bit of relief was MORPHINE>>> eek. He's on a high dose of Vicodin now... :(


On a lighter note... our dirt (I mean Jason's dirt) showed up today. A dump truck (the highlight of Jman's day) dropped it off in our front yard today and the kids were just chomping at the bit to get out there.... they saw Papa use a shovel in it and the immediately ran out and got their shovels so they could help. They did put a few shovelfuls in Papa's wheelbarrow and they did a surprisingly good job!


Jason letting me know that this dirt is HIS dirt: "Jason's dirt!"

Okay buddy... if you say so. It will take Papa a while to get this dirt moved to the side yard.... guess I'll have to help. ha :) Looks like that might be the extent of my work outs tomorrow. Didn't get to ride today... Mom got here at 3:30am and I thought she deserved a break tonight... and frankly, I'm EXHAUSTED! We'll see how this effects my "(wo)man up" philosophy!


  1. Katie9:22 PM

    I hope Tom is okay and they can figure it all out. Are you staying at the hospital with him? We will keep him and you all in our prayers. Thank goodness you have grandparents there to help!!

  2. Poor Tom!!!!
    Yes, double thank goodness for grandparents!
    Hope all is well.

  3. Scary! I hope he heals quickly! Please tell him we are thinking of him.

    Cooper would have been SO jealous re: the dump truck in your yard!

  4. Oh no! What could have caused it? I hope he feels better soon!