Tuesday, June 03, 2008

BPA free cheat sheet

I know a few of my blog frequenters are pregnant and thinking about what bottles are safe... so here's a cheat sheet for you: http://safemama.com/2007/11/22/bpa-free-bottle-and-sippy-cup-cheat-sheet/


  1. I just got two of the Fogo Thermos funtainer water bottles...one for Sarah and one for my Belarussian young one who will be arriving on the 16th! I got Supergirl for Sarah and a plain one for Lana...they're great!!

  2. Katie1:15 PM

    Thanks Laura! I bookmarked that page. That will be very useful in the near future : )

  3. Thanks! I like the info on sippy cups too - There's an ad on that site that says Camelbak now has BPA free water bottles - wahoo! I love the design of those bottles, I have one, but haven't been using it because of the BPA. I think I'll try out one of the new ones.