Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Jason has started some new things... First: He is associating Mama w/ me. For example, we are in the stage where when Tom goes to check on Jason b/c he is upset he falls down in his crib and cries out for Mama. :) Poor boy is a TOTAL mama's boy! :) Second: he said GRANDMA - not Gaga - while playing w/ his phone today and Third: he is stringing two words together now.. all starting with Mama.. like "Mama, cup" - it's very cute.

Lily is saying more and more words now too.. like UP.. (yes mom, she is FINALLY saying "up" when she wants on the couch instead of "mamamamamama") She says nose, dog, raisin and Oh (as in the cereal)... and randomly she will throw other words in there not to be uttered again. She is not the type to say something just because you asked her to. She says and does things when SHE wants to. Not like Jason who loves to SHOW OFF his new skills! He will repeat almost anything.

Just quick updates here and there... we are a busy busy bunch... not that we have a lot planned... just that we (and by we I'm assuming you know I mean Jason and Lily) always have to be on the go!


  1. It's so fun when they start to talk! It really opens up a whole new world.

  2. now if they would just start to sleep again. Jason was sick and I started a bad habit.. of uh going to him when he cries and letting him sleep in my bed one night.. now he wakes at night and WILL NOT go back to sleep. ugh.. I"m so freakin' tired right now ...

  3. Kelly3:59 PM

    yea! Words!!! That's the best.
    Good luck sleeping!!!!
    miss ya