Friday, September 28, 2007

They are so amazing.

Jason's vocabulary has really taken off this week. I wrote a list of all the words I can think of that he says. Okay so some of these only I - the mom - could decipher, but I'm counting them anyway. I put an asterisk by the words that Lily says too.
Green Bean
Roar* they were both roaring back at the lion today (at the park by the zoo - they couldn't even see him0
Coco (their friend Charlotte's nickname)
Gaga (grandma.. he said GRANDMA once)
Woof woof
hoo hoo hoo* (as in the sound a monkey makes - complete w/ hand signals)
Quack Quack
Oh* (as in the cereal)
All done
no (duh)
Squirrel (more like Quirrel)
high chair
school (we watch the kids go to school in the a.m.)
Night Night*
Hi (Lily only... apparently Jason is more formal w/ hello)
Bye bye*
Up* (Jason recently changed his to Uppy)
Mow* (as in mow the lawn)
Wee (for the slide)
Neigh (for horse)
Turtle (said this clear as day today)

I think that's a pretty impressive list... not that I'm biased or anything.

Lily amazes me w/ her level of concentration, determination and her daring. She will sit and work on something for much longer than I would expect someone of her age to sit and do something. She will try and try. She is definitely the daring one right now. The first to climb the jungle gym, the first to go down the slide by herself, the first to try to go off a 3 foot drop feet first. She's trying to do the stairs like a big girl... forward and stepping up instead of crawling. She's such a little peanut, but she definitely doesn't let it hold her back.

We had a decent day today... this our last full day without Tom... I decided that I needed to start going to the gym even if I miss the class I wanted to take b/c the kids needed their morning nap. So today I just went and did the elliptical and some weights and took a shower in peace.. not hurrying so I could eat lunch and get stuff done before the kids got up. It was great and just the break I needed. I also rescheduled my training session for next week... yeah. It will be nice to have a plan as to what to do while I'm there since it looks like it will be a while until I'm able to reliably hit the classes I want to hit. :)

Now if I could just figure out why they are still waking up at night.. we had about a week of NO waking and it was FABULOUS!!!!! I guess I probably just have to wait. :)


  1. You mean the waking continues until they are older than one?! I was just complaining how Jameson is now back to waking every 2-3 hours. I guess I should just settle in and get used to this huh?

    I think it's great that you have a gym to go to. One mom in my PEPS group said she would sometimes take her child to the daycare at the gym and then just go shower so she could have some peace. I may have to look into this gym thing sometime soon!

    That's a HUGE vocabulary! How fun to be able to communicate with him!

  2. Uh yeah... the sleep thing will be back and forth for a LLLLOOOOONNNNNGGGG AAAAASSSSSS TTTTIIIIMMMMMEEE! and for some reason it seems like it's worse when you get used to sleeping then bam they are up to their old tricks again. We're on the two times a night program again... and I don't even go to him when we wakes between 2am and 4am so I'm not sure what his motivation is... I'm not encouraging it or whatever. I go earlier b/c I just want to go back to sleep and if I nurse them I can do that.... I can't wait for Tom to get home.. hopefully I'll sleep better when he's back!

    It's so cute when I need something (like the wipes) and I can say to either one of them "Please bring me the wipes" and they do it! WOW! And they are always so proud of themselves.

  3. That's one thing that I think would be so neat about having twins - you have evidence of how different they are right in front of your face - when you have singles, you have to remember back and read what you wrote - you say, "I don't remember Liam doing that at this age" or whatever. That is a great vocabulary! Liam was not much of a talker and Riley is off the charts, and everyone says, oh, it's because she's a girl, but I just think that each kid is so different and develops differently that you can't just pin it all on gender! Jason, case in point!

  4. Well, according to Jason and Lily and an occupational therapist that works w/ kids... it's not a gender thing. :) i wonder where that started. It is pretty cool to watch their little personalities develop.