Friday, September 07, 2007

I love my life!

Today I was driving home from a La Leche League for Multiples meeting and it hit me.. I just love my life today as it is right this moment. WOW! It's been a long time - WELL before kids - that I have felt this way.

This a.m. I packed up lunch, water, toys, diapers, a change of clothes for me and my two kids and we headed to the gym. This is the third time we have gone to the gym all together, but today we were adding an event AFTER the gym. I wasn't sure how the kiddos would do ... especially with the fact that we are starting the transition to one nap a day. At first I just dropped it all together and went for it, but now we are doing the 'some days we take two naps and some days we take one' approach. Anyway... the went into the Kid Kastle at the gym just fine and played great. I got through my whole class without interruption and even wondered if I should skip LLL and do a run on the treadmill, but decided to go change and get the kiddos... baby steps. We stopped at the juice bar on the way out b/c I forgot to get food for me in the bag before we left. oops. The kids ate most of my smoothy anyway. We sat there for a bit and had some then hit the car. They ate their cheerios in the car - mostly quietly - and were excited for the next adventure.

I think we have officially graduated from the LLL meetings. My kids were the oldest and by far the most vocal and active. Lily screamed at one point b/c she wanted to hold the smoothie (Blackberry - very messy) all by herself. This started a wave of screams from all the other babies. I feel like all I did the whole time was say, "Jason" followed by the "that's not a toy, stop doing that" look. He's like a bouncy ball all over the place. Needless to say I rarely really get to talk to the adults.

We took our leave pretty early b/c the kids were obviously very tired and ready for their nap. Jason was so tired that he crashed in the car w/o his usual bought of screaming before closing his eyes. Lily quietly played w/ her bear w/ a few quiet whimpers, but hung in there pretty well considering I forgot her pacifier. Oops.

It was at this moment in the car w/ Jason nodding off and Lily playing w/ her bear that I felt the wave of perfection in my life. Jason and Lily are by far the most active kids I know and it gets them in trouble sometimes. They are a handful, but you know what... I LOVE IT! Okay, not EVERY second of the day... but for the most part I'm glad they are opinionated, I'm glad that the explore every inch of a place... even (or especially) those places they really shouldn't go. They are little reincarnations of their mom and dad (aren't the grandparents happy to hear that? Is revenge really as sweet as they say it is?). They challenge me as a parent on a continual basis, but they also love as ferociously as they do everything else and I get more than my fair share of hugs times two.

Life is good. For the twin moms reading this... the first.. uh, year... is hard! HARD... H-A-R-D and I didn't really get the moms that were all blissful about their twins. You know the ones.. they say things like, "I LOVE having twins.".. while I'm thinking.. whatever you are smoking you MUST share... well, I'm there.. I'm loving it.. I couldn't imagine just one. Sure it would make getting into the gym w/ my bags and what not a lot easier, but I would only get half the hugs, half the kisses, half the laughs and half the comedy.

Oh, I put Lily on the potty last night just to see if she would poop.. but she didn't. It was funny though: (no I'm not trying to potty train... just wanted to see if she would do it AND what she would do if she did.)

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  1. Kelly3:40 PM

    more active than John Michael! Wow! That's some active kid!!!!
    Love ya, glad you're happy. It's the best job ever, huh?

  2. I loved your post! I too am glad you are happy, because I know that you really weren't for a long time. I'm also glad that your kiddos like the daycare - I know the gym is invaluable for me and am soooo glad that my kids like it there. Being a mom IS the best ever!!!