Thursday, September 06, 2007

We're hanging in there...

We are surviving life w/o Gma here every day. :) It's rough, but we're making it. ha ha We get out of the house a lot... Phoebe is happy that the daily walk has been reinstated in the daily routine! We've also hit the gym twice this week and Jason and Lily really seem to enjoy the day care there. I feel like I picked the right gym, Pinnacle, because the day care staff are so attentive to Jason and Lily. Yesterday I went to hit the pool and 5 mins after I got in the lady came to tell me Jason had pooped his pants (they can't change diapers) and she offered to bring him into the locker room so I could change him there and not have to dry off and dress to go change him at the day care center. I was SO thankful to be able to continue my workout almost uninterrupted! I'm pretty sure that that wouldn't have happened at the other gym I was considering. We've also hit a new play group - we all loved it.

Two new things the kids have just started doing:

Lily has started tugging at her pants/diaper whenever she poops. Today she was doing this and I was in the kitchen finishing up some cooking (God, I spend a lot of my time there these days) ... I apparently wasn't quick enough ... she walked in to the family room and came back w/ the wipes to make her point more clear. ha ha Is this the first step of potty training?? First the awareness that there is something in your pants that maybe shouldn't be there... ha ha Steph.. when did you start potty training Sarah? How is that going?

Jason has started saying baby. This is quite possibly the cutest thing I have EVER heard in my life! Lucky for you I got him to say it for the camera... I'm sure it's much cuter in person.. or if it's YOUR OWN kid! ha ha

I had the strangest feeling come over me yesterday. All of a sudden I felt like it was all coming together.. like I was getting it... like this mothering thing was a part of me... like it was natural... like it was what I was supposed to be doing. I can't really explain it. All of a sudden it clicked. I'm a mom, I'm actually not that bad at it, I'm happy, I don't dread a new day going to sleep thinking, "great, I get to get up and do this all over again" (sense the sarcasm), I don't live the days from one melt down to the next hoping that I won't loose it. I'm not sure if it's them entering a new more manageable stage, me maturing into my role as mother or us growing together or what, but I like it. Not sure if I have a new found confidence or what's going on, but I'm going to go ahead and roll w/ it b/c I'm sure their will be moments (lots of them) of doubt as a parent in my future...

And in regards to my triathlon training.. I have to say I feel a bit lost as to what to do w/ myself now. I'm doing a sprint in Sept, but feel like "a sprint" ha.. I can just pull that off. ha ha As I said I did swim last night.. for the first time w/o a wet suit in MONTHS. I'm happy to report that I didn't sink to the bottom immediately and actually felt like a 'swimmer'.. a SLOW swimmer, but a swimmer. I didn't feel like all the other swimmers were looking at me like.. why is SHE in the lap swim? I even shared a lane w/ someone and wasn't even nervous that I would run into him. :)

My winter plan is to do some classes - yoga/pilates, spinning and dynamic strength along w/ swimming at the gym. I'm going to TRY to run outside as long as I can into the winter. I might poach off the TNT marathon group starting in Sept just to give me motivation to get out there and stay out there. ;) I'm also going to take advantage of the physical and 5 training sessions that come w/ membership at my gym. I'm interested to see what my VO2 max is! :)

I'll post my "race schedule" for next year to keep me accountable. I'm kicking it off w/ a half marathon in May! It will still be cold here for those of you that are unfamiliar w/ our fabulous winter.. er, spring!

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  1. Kelly2:20 PM

    Hey! I remember feeling that, "I've got this now" feeling. It gave me a lot of confidence in general. Everything will get easier from here out. Your brain won't have to 'think' anymore.

    ps... you DO have a purpose/goal -- it's called allkidscrafts!!!!!!!