Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Oh my.. we have hit MAMA stage HARD w/ Jason. He wants his MAMA all the time now... for everything!!! and only MAMA will do.. EEK! It's cute and annoying at the same time. I know all the moms out there understand! :)

Lily has taken to doing the slide by herself. yet another twin moment at the park yesterday. Both kids on the play equipment. Lily getting close to the top of the spiral slide I usually go down w/ her and Jason on the bridge that he's not great at w/ big areas he can fall off... so I'm w/ Jason and telling Lily to wait for mommy. Well my little dare devil of a daughter gets down on her tummy and takes on the spiral slide all by herself! I think she learned the tummy move at the day care at the gym. I've come back to get them to see them going down on their tummies w/ instruction from the keepers... er, day care ladies. Then she was up there again and I was watching from the bottom and I'm not sure if she got too close to the edge while trying to go down on her tummy, if she slipped, tried to go down face first on purpose or tried to walk down the slide, but whatever happened it didnt work out well. She did a face plant on the spiral and got stuck. She was fine, but when I put her back up there to 'get back on the horse' she came down the stairs. So we did one ride together and then came home no worse for the wear. Jason in the meantime climbs up to the top of the slide then goes back down the stairs. Guess he saw Lily's fea paux and decided he didn't need the trauma! Today we went to a different park and Lily did the same thing (the going down herself not the face plant) on one of those torpedo like slides. She just loves to do things by herself. She then climbed up the slide all by herself too!!! And I thought I would be worried about Jason. Her next move was to try 'feet first' off a three foot drop... thankfully I was standing right there...

Here's a little video of the kids at dinner tonight...


  1. Amazing. They are getting so big! And Lily has so much courage . . . just like her mama! :) Jason sounds more like Cooper.

  2. Kelly4:24 PM

    OMG! video is so amazingly cute!!!!

  3. I don't know why those videos crack me up so much! Never a dull moment in the Mount household!