Saturday, June 16, 2007

One year appt.

I almost forgot. Jason and Lily had their one year well baby appt. All is well they are growing and we are happy. Jason weighed in at 22lbs 1oz. (about 50%) and Lily at 18lbs 12oz (25%). We have to wait to turn their car seats around until Lily is 20 lbs. I guess we could turn Jason around, but that just doesn't seem fair now does it!?

They got four more shots yesterday... BOO. They handled it pretty well. We also went ahead and had them treated for lead since we live in this old house and I've noticed some of the windowsills are chipped from Phoebe "looking" out the window. Don't know if the kids are taste testing them (probably are) and have no idea if there is lead paint under the many layers of paint on them. Just thought it was better safe than sorry. We won't get the results for a couple of weeks. Thankfully our doctor's office doesn't do the MMR or Chicken Poxs vaccination until 15 or 18 months so we didn't have to discuss delaying. :)

Sorry so short and uninspired.. I guess when talking about doctors appointments that's a good way to be!

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