Wednesday, June 06, 2007

First tooth and tantrums...

Jason's first tooth FINALLY popped through. It's too little to get a photo of... but I'll work at it.

Here is his latest trick... the tantrum. If he doesn't get what he wants.. WHEN he wants it this is the result:

It takes all I've got to not laugh. :)

And here's another in response to Lily teasing him with a spoon - apparently she finds his tantrums mildly entertaining as well. :)


  1. Katie7:54 PM

    Okay, that is sort of funny! I feel bad for him but he definitely has the screaming thing down. Madelyn does the same thing-- sad but true. And it is hard not to laugh sometimes : ) Lily doesn't seem bothered by it though-- that's good! It must be hard being a baby with all the new things every day!!

  2. Ha ha ha! Nice screamer you have there! Oh, and congrats on his first tooth - about time, eh?

  3. Poor little guy. At least he has a tooth to make the chewing a little less frustrating. Too funny!

  4. Oh, that is too funny. Matt and I enjoyed the quick peek at our world-to-be. Yikes, he's a bit of a screamer, huh?