Saturday, June 30, 2007

Lily walks and what a difference a year makes

here's some video of Lily walking a bit and gathering helicopters (you know those things from trees)

and what a difference a year can make...
Us headed home from the hospital.. the babies a few days old.

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Us today June 30th (so a year and two weeks).. we're all grown up. :)
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Lily is now walking all the time.... and Jason..he's working on running. Today he walked up and down the street exploring. I am going to have my work cut out for me when they are both really walking. Jason likes to take off (I imagine much like his cousin Liam) and Lily is happy to stay put and check stuff out (see below) - for now. I can't very well leave Lily sitting happily wherever while I chase her brother down though. ha Karen, what do you do? Will I have to put a leash on this kid? ha :)

It's 9:25pm right now and Jason is fighting the sleep thing.. he's past the screaming and now on and off babbling and - what I assume - is all out bouncing on the bed. He's quiet for the moment... let's hope if he makes any more noise tonight my ear plugs will block it out. Was up late last night.. need to sleeep... 2.5 hour ride tomorrow.

Oh, and I had my best swim yet today. We swam in the lake this a.m. It's not that it was all that long or that I was that great, but I didn't do any complaining and I only stopped to tread water about two times. I swam free style the whole way out and did a free style / breast stroke combo on my way back. It's annoying having to look up and see where you are going . Breaking stride when you aren't a good swimmer and your attitude sucks is hard. I am proud of myself for having a better attitude and keeping my cool this a.m. We swam about .75 miles today. :) Back in the pool later this week to work on technique some more. I really need to just log the miles and get in better shape.. more push ups too!

I'm thinking about doing a sprint distance tri on July 14th in Kenosha... I haven't decided yet. I'm nervous about the swim....


  1. Wow, a year does make a huge difference! Those comparison pictures are amazing!

    Love the video of Lily. That's one of those clasic childhood scenes. I hope you save that one!

    That's so great you made it through the lake swim! You're doing such a great job!!

  2. Too cute! I'm impressed by your swim. You've come a long way!!