Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy FIRST Birthday!

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Wow ... w/ each of my Happy "whatever month" birthday wishes to the little ones it's hard to believe that this is their first OFFICIAL birthday ... oh except for the actual day one year ago when they were taken from my body - aka born.

I've been reflecting a lot over the last couple of months over their arrival. Looking back at the pictures of their first days. It seems like such a short time to have already been a year yet it's like they have been here forever.

I marvel at how much they have changed and learned in such a short span. From doing NOTHING to walking and starting to talk. Amazing! I know that this next year will bring tons of changes as well and I look forward to every moment.

As I stare out over my DISASTROUSLY messy house all created by a tornado of toddlers (okay some of it is mine) I wouldn't change a thing. I'd rather have this messy house and spend time w/ my wee ones... I'd rather change poopy diapers and deal w/ whiny babies than go to work every day and deal w/ whiny adults! :) It's all worth it for the snugs (Hugs) I get from Jason and Lily. For the moments of shear joy when they walk or talk. The excitement and pride on their faces when they figure something out. The amazement in their eyes when they see something new. And the LAUGHTER!!! Oh the baby laughs are the best. And though it is bracketed by poopy diapers, messy eating and crying it is amazing every time.

We went through so much to get here and I would do it ALL again... ALL of it. To get these two perfect little babies. Sure they were (okay are) challenging in the beginning, but now all that energy... all that exploring... they do everything w/ such ... such... determination and excitement.

I'm EXHAUSTED from it all, but I am so happy they are who they are and know that their strong personalities will take them far.

Happy Birthday babies. I love you!


  1. Happy Birthday Little Ones! We love you! Have a wonderful day. And congrats to Laura and Tom for surviving the first year with TWINS. It gets easier now, right?? :) Love you guys too!

  2. oh . . . and where are the teddy bear pics???

  3. They are coming. I'll add them after I take them. The babies are napping so I wanted to do the post while I had time.... I'll take the pics after they get up. :)

  4. Wow, congrats on making it through your first year! Happy Birthday babies!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Jason and Lily! I'm so glad you're here with us!! I love reading about all your adventures in life and can't wait until I can experience them with you someday as you grow older!

  6. Happy birthday, Jason and Lily! My little guy turned one on June 1st. It's wonderful, isn't it? And yes, exhausting! I appreciate your comment that you'd rather be with whiny babies than whiny adults at work. I'll remember that one!

  7. Katie2:20 PM

    Happy Birthday Lily and Jason!!!! Enjoy that yummy cake and be sure to get it everywhere : )

  8. karen Predmore2:59 PM

    Yeah! The big exciting! Happy Birthday Mount babies. And kudos to mom and dad (but especially mom =) for being such a wonderful loving caring parent and making it through all the hard times with such humor and are an inpiration to all of us other mommies!

    they are so cute ! and go go Lilly for walking on your first!

  9. Happy Birthday Jason & Lily! I can't wait to see you both again. How much you will have changed from that first time. Wow!!!!