Saturday, February 17, 2007

Project Rwanda...

Schwinn is partnered w/ Ritchey to create a bike for the Rwandan Coffee growers. Tom had a large part in developing this bike. It's pretty cool. You can see a picture and read about the project HERE. Tom Ritchey's son Jay is in Rwanda and you can read his blog by clicking on the link at the website.

The blog details the benefits that the bike is already providing for a local coffee farmer named Celestin. Wow! It's great to see the impact that one small thing (okay the entire effort is not that small) can make in the lives of these coffee farmers...

Karen, If I really want to go the distance I suppose I should find out where this coffee is sold and buy it huh? :)


  1. Wow!!! Super cool! I checked the website and you can buy their coffee, it's called Wooden Bike Coffee - check it out on the Project Rwanda website:

    Do you know if Schwinn is going to be making more bikes for the farmers? Do you know how much one bike costs? What a great project. I am wondering if there is anything more I can do besides just donating money...

  2. Katie2:19 PM

    Wow! That is a wonderful program and so inspiring. I loved reading about it! Thanks for sharing. Amazing to think how much a bicycle can do to help. I think we take so many things for granted! Congratulations Tom!! That is wonderful!

  3. Very cool! It's great to hear about someone you know making such a direct difference to someone else so far away. Thank you!