Thursday, February 22, 2007

2007 CSA

I'm excited to announce that Tom and I are joining a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). We will pick up our weekly 'share' at the farmers market every Saturday. I'm so excited to support local agriculture and to receive yummy seasonal fruits and veggies. Along w/ this we will use less packaging and fuel.. we'll be - hopefully - riding our bikes to pick up our weekly share and to shop for eggs/meat/dairy at the market as well.

Here's a link to 'our' farm!! JenEhr Family Farm. We also get to go to the farm to pick our own strawberries, beans adn tomatoes!!!

Look locally for a farm near you...

I hear Jason saying mamamamama on the monitor. I am being summoned and we're off to meet friends at the open gym.. YEAH!


  1. Good for you! Good luck with the running. Wish I could train with you. Maybe we could be online training partners. I start walking on Monday if I feel better, but I'm definitely excited to run. You'll be getting some great exercise pushing those two babies!!

  2. Thank you!!!! My husband and I have been looking for an organic farm to join so we can enjoy the season's fruits and veggies. We are going to sign up tomorrow! By the way, we met you at the playgroup one Saturday at Happy Bambino. We were the family with the 6 month old boy and 8 year old nephew.

  3. Hi Brandee! ;) I've not used them yet, but they looked pretty good. I'm excited about the pick up location too.

  4. Jennie10:13 AM

    That's so cool! I wonder if Seattle has something like that. We have toyed with the idea of getting fresh organic vegetables delivered but I guess that would still mean some greenhouse emissions...well, it would be a start!

    We do have a corner 'farmer's market' that we try to buy all of our produce from, but I have a feeling this guy just buys from QFC and then puts it in his market. It is right on the corner of 35th and Barton in west seattle (not a very 'farmer's market' type area!)

  5. I am definitey going to look into it here - they do have a lot of CSA options and I have found some that seem affordable! Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Jennie, check out Pioneer Organics