Thursday, February 08, 2007

Am I insane?

I went to bed last night thinking... "I love having two babies." Well, except when I think about getitng out the door. :)

Having two babies is SO fun.... they play and interact and it's so fun. L went to bed before J tonight so J had dinner w/o her. He was in his highchair in the dining room and I looked over at him from the kitchen and he just looked so lonely in there all by himself. He wasn't lonely - of course - he was just enjoying his dinner (by the fistful), but he was just there all by himself...

two cute videos of 'the twin thing'


  1. OMG Laura! They are sooo adorable. They're little people now, huh? You can see their personalities and how happy they are. Beautiful babies!!!!

    Lucky You!!!! So blessed.

  2. Jennie8:58 AM

    Fun!! I heard that kids learn more about how to get along with others in the world from their siblings than they do from parents, teachers or grandparents! That's so neat they have each other!

    You need to teach Lily how to do a right hook though when Jason grabs her nose like that! :)

  3. That is too cute Laura!! They are adorable. So funny to see them crawling over each other. They will have a best friend for life. You are very blessed!