Saturday, February 03, 2007

Even closer...

Okay.. it's Js day. I got a little bit of video of him working on his crawling... toward my pancake - which he almost got! :)

We went to a play group today and J and L were about the same age as most of the kids, L was the smallest and the only girl... and the ONLY one crawling. It was so cute. She even plowed right over J to get a toy! Then tonight J took a few crawling "steps" and just 20 mins later was crawling over Tom's legs to get to his toys. I figure it will only be a couple of days before J is all out crawling! :)

While we were upstairs having 'quiet time' play in the 'warm room' (the babies' room has a space heater and it is so NICE AND TOASTY in there... not like the freezing cold rest of the house - it was -2 outside today at 5pm) Anyway ... back to my story. We were upstairs and J crawled over to grab his devil squeeky duck out from under Ls crib and L came over and nabbed it from him.. they went back and forth like this for a while. No one got upset they just kept taking it from each other.. so fun!!!

People are always saying, "I don't know how you do it w/ two I can barely survive w/ one." I'm not real sure how I'm supposed to respond to this... while I appreciate their noticing that it's tough I don't know what to say. Do I play the martyr and talk about how tuff it is or tell them the stories like the one w/ the ducky above? Tom said I should respond, "I do just fine w/ two." ha ha that may be a bit of a fib most days... well not most days anymore now that I think about it.

J was in a really good mood this evening.. here he is playing w/ Tom...


  1. Yea, it's always tough to know how to respond to people's comments. I mean, it is what it is, right? You have never had just one at a time so this is what you do! I think there would be many wonderful things about twins and I am thrilled that I get to watch them grow up!

  2. That was too funny seeing Jason laugh at Tom!! Such a happy sight. And that he almost got your pancake too. I bet he would have loved it : )

  3. that laughter almost makes you want to have more huh?

  4. Jennie10:13 AM

    I love when babies laugh! How fun! So, you made Jason crawl all the way over there to get the pancake, and then you took it away! Ha! That was funny! Sounds like something I would do! :)

  5. Jennie, Yes, yes I did, but fear not... he got a little bite! :) I"m so so so excited for Jameson (and baby girl sweet and baby girl golding) to come into the world and delight you all w/ their cuteness... it's such a wonder to watch them grow, explore and learn. Especially when they are YOUR OWN. Watching other kids is cool, but when they are yours... it's just that much more amazing!

  6. Awww... taunting him with the pancake... so mean, Laura! :)
    I love the laughing. It's like just the act itself seems so fun for him. I cna't wait to see them again!!!

  7. Karen P6:44 PM

    That is hilarious to listen to him laugh at Tom...and I love the look on his face when you said, uh, Dad and i are playing here....I had to play it for everyone here at work to enjoy!

  8. Yea, apparently there is some exclusive club... to which I have not been invited.. it happened again tonight. ha ha Guess he gets bored of me and just wants to play w/ daddy.