Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Plastics revisited - this time as baby toys

I was reading another mommy blog and found this article: San Francisco to Ban Baby Toys

There is plastic all over the place here... as I gaze over at the kids toys (while listening to Jason talk his way through his entire nap time) I see so much plastic... and a lot of it 'old hand me down' plastic no less. Shoot. Do I just throw away all of the questionable crap. I just threw away the "little teethers" teething toy... The wood / fabric toys from the boutiques cost a small fortune.. what to do. I guess you do the best you can huh???

for those of you who are getting ready to have babies and may need to do some bottle feeding:

Safe Baby Bottle Alternatives

Fortunately, there are alternatives to polycarbonate plastic baby bottles.

First, learn to identify polycarbonate plastic containers. They are generally clear and rigid, and may have the recycling symbol 7 marked on the bottom.

Here are a few tips for choosing bottles and using them safely:

  • Select bottles made of tempered glass or polyethylene or polypropylene (recycling symbols 1, 2 or 5). Medela and Evenflo make bottles and nursers from these safer plastics. Evenflo also makes tempered glass bottles. The
  • Avoid heating breast milk and infant formula over the stove or microwave in plastic; dangerous chemicals are more likely to leach when you heat in plastic.
  • To avoid bacteria, look for scratches in plastic bottles.
  • Avoid plastic bottles that have decorations printed on the inside. These can come off into formula when it’s been heated.
  • Avoid disposable nursers if possible, as the plastic bags that may leak or burst. There have also been incidents of babies choking on the plastic tab inside.

Sometimes it's just overwhelming.. this whole environmental, toxin, responsible consumer thing.... I can only do what I can do as an individual at this moment in time...

I hope that sharing these things is helpful to some of you... another good spot to check out is my SILs site: pdxMounts. She's making a big push to walk the talk this year.. she's doing a great job and is sharing a lot of great info too. I poach a lot of the links in my side bar from her!!!! Nice work Karen!

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